I have been interested in drawing, painting and writing for most of my life. I wrote my first illustrated book in the fourth grade. I was so proud when I was chosen to share my book with younger elementary children.


I really enjoyed taking all the art classes my high school offered. I made some pretty ugly pots! I even did a commissioned painting when I was sixteen.


In college, I went on to recieve by BSN (that's a bachelor of science in nursing). Sadly, no art classes fit into my schedule.


But art and writing continued to be my way to keep my sanity when life was just too stressful.


Later on I took a class on writing children's magazine articles from the Institute of Children's Writing. I wrote some articles but haven't had anything published in magazines yet. In 1999, I self-published a book I wrote and illustrated called "How To Build a Snowman". Initially, it was intended to be a book for my children something I always wanted to do but the local book store manager of Book World in my hometown of Ripon, WI convinced me to go ahead and share it with more than just my boys. I did book signings and school visits. I still have a few copies and you can see it listed under my books. (also sadly the only book so far...optimistically I did name that section books not book.) You can find a copy in the Ripon Public Library.


I have several books I have been working on for a loooooong time. I know some of you are waiting for them. I am still hoping to get them published through the traditional market. But being mostly self-taught my confidence waivers at times. Practice, practice, practice.


I continue to be a member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. You may have seen me at conferences in Wisconsin and Iowa toting my portfolio and stories around.



I am a Wisconsin native where I lived most of my life until Aug. 2007 when my husband's job with John Deere brought us to Iowa. We currently live in Bettendorf, one of the Quad Cities with two of our three sons Spencer and Andrew. Our oldest, Alexander has flown the coop and works in Wisconsin as a Mechanical Engineer.

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